Infrastructure Management Services & Help Desk Outsourcing

With ALWAYS ON, rely on included 24x7 support no matter what happens in your IT environment. ALWAYS ON includes proactive monitoring and management of your infrastructure. We can also function as your end user help desk, supporting your employees with technical issues, taking the burden off your internal team. This service can be comprehensive across your entire IT environment or focused on specific technology assets that you’d like Gaba to manage.



Your primary engineer will proactively manage and optimize your infrastructure, handling scheduled maintenance tasks and functions to keep your IT up and running. SCHEDULED support is a superior option if you need greater flexibility. With SCHEDULED support, your primary engineer will learn your environment and business drivers, helping maximize your IT investment.


If you have an internal IT team, but need some additional support during peak times or a resource to rely on when your team can’t quickly resolve an issue, our SUPPLEMENTAL support is the answer. Your IT team has 24x7 access to our help desk experts to help troubleshoot the issue.